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Ribera oranges, Washington type
Ribera oranges of the type Washington are Sicilian blonde oranges that can be enjoyed as table or juice oranges. They are of the highest quality.
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Lentil soup with lentils from Villalba with Quadrucci
Ingredients for 4 people: - 250 g lentils from Villalba "Fastuchera" - 50 g quadrucci from Tumminia wheat "Fastuchera" - Organic extra virgin olive oil "Clivio degli Ulivi" - 1/2 onion - Salt from Trapani - 150 g pancetta "Az. Agricola Pontoglio"
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Typical torrone (nougat) from Caltanissetta: Torronifico Geraci
Since 1870 the Torronificio M. Geraci manufactures typical nougats and sweets. The company is known around the world for the high quality of the ingredients and the care with which the nougat is prepared as in the "good old days".
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Now available: Oranges, tangerines and lemons of Az. Agricola Guaraggi - In production, only the integrated pest management is applied
The Ribera oranges of Az. Agricola Guarraggi are blonde oranges that are bulbous and have a navel (Navel oranges) at the bottom. The orange fruits are large, have a fine and firm flesh and are seedless.
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Tuscan lentils - an incomparable taste
The particularly small lentils from Tuscany are very tasty and have a thin skin. They are easy to digest and rich in iron and phosphorus.
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can we order frutta martorana and can you deliver to usa california
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User: gino ( 23/01/2015)
Category/Topic Frutta di Martorana marzipan fruit

Hallo. I need 30 tons italian almods. May i know your price rep kg? Medium size almods, or big one.
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User: mirek ( 21/01/2015)
Category/Topic Peeled Sicilian Almonds from Castelluzzo

Halo. I need 30 tons of almonds. Medium size, second class. Let me know price per kg. Best regards. Miri
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User: miro ( 14/01/2015)
Category/Topic Peeled Sicilian Almonds from Castelluzzo


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