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Tuna Fishings comes back to Favignana

The Tonnara (little ancient harbor with fascinating fishing buildings in which tunas were processed after the fishing) of Favignana has been inserted in the ministerial decree about the Red Tuna fishing. It will be one of the 6 structures, in Italy, for the so called "Fixed Tonnara" system, the only in Sicily. The others are in Sardinia and Liguria. A fact that Giovanni Tumbiolo, president of the Fishing Production District has defined very significant: << Sicily has give back life to its Tonnara. A moment that should be promoted. Our island, in fact, take back its cultural and anthropological dimension too, which is strongly tied to history and traditions. This will be highlighted ny our administration during the "Blue Sea Land" manifestation. We've already talked about it with the tuna producers, because it is good to explain that tuna in Sicily is not inly simply a product but a true myth. We should work better and more on the promotional system. Highlight what it represents for the Sicilian Sea culture>>.

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Nocella del Belice, the ultimate Sicilian olive

The Nocellara del Belice olive has round shape and a green intense colour, the pulp is soft and dense and it confers a fruity and delicate taste. It is cultivated in the surrounding territory

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Albertengo: The Italian Traditional Classic Colomba

Albertengo produces haute patiserie Colombe with natural yest without any preservative and using fine ingredients: an unique choice that distinguish Albertengo from the other for its fragrance and freshness. The classic traditional Colomba delicate in its taste.

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Tradizioni Padane Fresh Stuffed Pasta Hand-Made.

Tradizioni Padane s.r.l. produces fresa band-made pasta with exclusive and fine stuffings. The raw materials used come exclusively from the local territory, in order to guarantee the preparation of genuine products with great organoleptic properties bound to the italian ,especially with Lombardy, culinary traditions. These products are all hand made because the company has a totally domestic production chain: from the beginning of the process of selection to the packaging, the company guarantees fresh and minutely worked products. For this reason the shape of pasta is irregular and the number of Ravioli in the pack can vary: the stuffing, handly prepared, is personally positioned in each Raviolo. The accurate selection of the raw materials and the artisanal production of every component contribute to create a product of excellence.

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The Black Pig from the Nebrodi Mounts is an ancient Sicilian native specie

These small size black pigs, very similar to boars both in the aspect and in the habits, live in the woods on the Nebrodi mounts in the wild in wide zones dedicated to their gazing, feeding themselves with berries and so enriching their meat with interesting aromas and flavours. It has an abundant layer of fat that gives great aromatic qualities and sweetness to the palate taste; nowadays, to contribute to its safeguard, this product has been elected as a Slow Food Presidium. The black pig bacon is taken form the pig's bellyband it can have or not the bacon rind. The bacon is produced through artisanal methods without any presence of additives and it is faded red coloured. Its shape is irregular and it has a delicate, spiced and well balanced flavour and a sweet aroma.

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wondering which distributor I can purchase your Campisi sauces in Montreal . Would like to sell them in my store . I have customers asking for them , thank you Anna -Maria
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User: ( 03/03/2017)
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Can I find this italian Peperoncino pepper?
Its a small spicey pepper
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User: wes ( 17/01/2017)
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Buongiorno, vorrei ordinare il Panforte di Sapori Siena Fondente Extra 70% Gr.300. Quanti ne avete a disponibilità?
Ringraziando di un vs riscontro
porgo i cordiali saluti,
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User: Rumy Lee ( 28/11/2016)
Category/Topic 70% Extra dark chocolate Panforte - Sapori Siena


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