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Delfino Battista: Treatment of Alici di Cetara
Immediately after the Second World War Pasquale Battista has opened a small canning factory mainly for anchovies in Cetara and led it until to the 90s.
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Azienda Agricola Melia - Olives from Sicily
The olive variety Nocellara del Belice is a typical olive variety from Sicily, which carries the protected designation of origin (DOP = denominazione di origine protetta) of the European Union.
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Tuna salami by Bottarga di Tonno Group
This tuna salami is a typical Sicilian product of Trapani. It is also called Ficazza di Tonno .
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Iocu di Focu means playing with fire
"Iocu di focu" is Sicilian and means playing with fire. This sauce is suitable for all those lovers of tasty and hot dishes and excellent quality, Sicilian ingredients. This sauce goes well with pasta or bruschetta.
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Sicilian almonds
The almond is a oleaginous fruit that is highly nutritious and beneficial to health and beauty. It contains many B vitamins, which are good for the liver, skin and hair. In addition, it contains potassium, zinc, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and essential oils.
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Is there a sale catalog to order the tuna and is it packaged cooked or raw? Thank you..
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User: ( 17/10/2014)
Category/Topic Mediterranean tuna - Campisi

I want to order napolitano baba, plain with rum syrup, about 2 kilos - the small ones. Among other things. At around 30 of September as I want them for a party at 4 of October. But I dont see them your list items. Can you provide products that are not in the lists. Is it possible to be able to order? And one other question please. How many days will my products arrive in Cyprus? Thanks Carolina
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User: carolina ( 25/09/2014)
Category/Topic Typical products and treats

do these olives have long 'use by' date?
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User: joanne ( 10/09/2014)
Category/Topic OLIVES BELLA CERIGNOLA - Arconatura


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