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Tuna bottarga is the caviar from the mediterranean sea
The tuna bottarga is made with the same methods as the mullet bottarga, but made ​​from the roe of tuna.
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100% pure Sicilian oregano
The oregano from Sicily is aromatic and is cultivated, harvested and dried in Sicily. It includes the essence of the earth, the sun and the sea air that make this island so unique and special.
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Pistachio Pesto SoloSole
This salty pistachio pesto is made from an ancient recipe. It mainly contains: pistachios, extra virgin olive oil, roasted almonds, Parmigiano Reggiano, basil, salt and pepper.
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Fancy chocolate?
Simply open the package and add liquid cream and in a few minutes you will receive real truffles as from the patisserie or chocolate mousse or a pie with a full-bodied, smooth chocolate flavor...
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Azienda Agricola Balducco
It's here! The new red garlic from Nubia has arrived!
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offers fresh black truffle wild today is recovered and immediately send Cargo predlozhetemi the price today for August, September, October? may redeem the surrounding area and send in large quantities.
tel. +359894778864
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please translate a message defined.
email: musi_mery@abv.bg

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User: MAX ( 01/08/2014)
Category/Topic “Natural” Mushroomsauce with 15% truffle

When salsa tartufata will be available?
Thank you.
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User: ( 19/07/2014)
Category/Topic Salsa Tartufata (truffle sauce)

Hi are discounts available for the Tuna filets in olive oil - Stefano Rocca? And how long do you think it would take to ship some to the UK please?

Kind regards Dick
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User: ( 01/07/2014)
Category/Topic Tuna filets in olive oil - Stefano Rocca


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