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ACQUERELLO, THE RICE, better, richer, wealthier
Thanks to a patented method that was developed by the Rondolino family, the gemma is sift through the chaff and then reintegrated to the white rice. The Acquerello rice is the only one in the world reintegrated with its own gemma. Acquarello is a Superthin Carnaroli rice, cultivated and packed by the Rondolino family in Tenuta Colombara, in the middle of the city of Vercelli. Its grains are complete, compact, shelled and savory, it is the only that always fits perfectly for every recipe.
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Now available Christmas packages and boxes!
Hundreds of quality products and a wide selection of wines to suit everyone's needs and customize your gift bag , which will be packed in special boxes and colorful Christmas decorations. The package can be sent directly to the recipient, with the option to add a greeting card.
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Sicilian Oranges, Clementinas and Lemons
The oranges, clementines and lemons sale is open. The Agricultural Company Guerraggi (italian excellences 2016) is placed in Ribera, Magone locality, almost 4kms far form the sea, in the middle of an area in which the best Sicilian oranges have been being produced for centuries. The products we're selling are "Washington Navel" quality oranges, and there are 3 available varieties: the juice (smaller), the table and the fioroni (very big).
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Barbero Nougat from since 1883
The artisanal production of the Barbero nougat requires a 7 long cooking into steam boilers that needs the employment of the fresh egg albumen. The Torrone D'Asti Barbero is produced through artisanal methods, using Piedmontese Igp manually selected hazelnuts, following a recipe that dates back to the 1883. This particular nougat doesn't contain any food jelly and is still produced with egg albumen as the Barbero tradition says.
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OIP smells of Christmas - The Panettoni "Corsini" are here!
A true excellence of the Italian tradition produced by a very expert company in the pastry-making field. The inner dogh is so soft and elastic,intensely yellow coloured. For this panettone Corsini uses only sourdough and selected, high quality ingredients. The dough is left to rise for at least two full days between the kneading operations. This allows the dough to rest and rise naturally.
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I am interested in buying your Bluefin tuna in olive oil.Is it possible to import to Japan?
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User: Atsushi Horiuchi ( 01/09/2015)
Category/Topic Bluefin tuna in olive oil, 300 g can - Mare Puro

We are a butcher shop located in Sydney NSW Australia and would like to purchase Finocchietto selvatico are you able to tell me if you are able to ship it to us or where in Sydney we are able to buy it from.
Kind Regards
Josephine Papandrea
Joe Papandrea Wholesale Quality Meats p/l
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User: ( 19/08/2015)
Category/Topic Wild fennel (seeds) Campisi

How many bars come in a box and what is the price? Thanks
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User: Joanne ( 20/05/2015)
Category/Topic Extra dark chocolate Toscano Black 70%


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