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Red Tuna: Fillet, Tarantello and Ventresca are available now

The red tuna is the best one. The most refined due to the quality of its meats fished in the open Mediterranean Sea. The red tuna meats can be divided in three categories: the fillet, the tarantello and the ventresca. The fillet is the thin part, the ventresca (belly) is the most precious part especially in the big examples. It has a fat content higher than the average that makes it particularly tender and tasty. The tarantello is located at mid way between the back and the belly: it is softer than the fillet without reaching the fatter consistency of th ventresca, whose doesn't loose the taste yet.

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Orto Mio: High quality Vegetable Garden plants

All the plants branded by Ortomio are cultivated in different areas of the Emilia Romagna. The company own 25 Ha of ground dedicated to the cultivation with greenhouses of latest generation from hills to lands located near the sea. It is a big advantage cultivating plants in different places according to their climatic needs. All the operations of seeding, transplantation and cultivation are managed by expert and skilled workers with the aim of producing healthy and resistant plants. This is made to allow everybody cultivating easily genuine and tasty vegetables as only the vegetable garden can give.

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The Saffron

In Italy it is cultivated in small quantities in Abruzzo, Sardinia, Tuscany and Lombardy. In Lombardy saffron in cultivated in small pieces of land between 50 and 300 sm. Pistil of the Crocus savitus flower that belongs to the Iridaceae family. The lonely flower is purple, it blooms during autumn. Cerchi nel Grano is an emerging company specialized in the production of saffron, product that adapts well to the Norther Italy clime. Fresh and pure; cultivated in Azzano Mella (Bs), at the base of the Netto Mount. The cultivation, from the seeding to the harvest, is made respecting nature with the use of biotechnologies without any chemical product.

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Piedmontese Fassona Bovine Race

This Piedmontese race is the Italian local race par excellence. This means that all the cows are born and bred in Italy. High quality meat, tender, lean, and with a very low fat content but those that are present have a great nutritional quality. The Piedmontese Fassona Fiorentina (T-Bone steak) is very tender, it has a delicate taste, the sizes goes from 1,4kg to 2,6 kg, the Fiorentina steak it cut fresh at the moment of the order. Absolutely to cook on the bbq with the embers. The fillet is the noblest part, the Fassona fillet is very big. The soft tagliata is very tasty and it needs a quick cooking on hot plate or bbq. The Cappello del prete is the ideal for boiled meats, roasts or in general long cooking.

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For a perfect pizza, first of all, it is necessary to choose the best ingredients, they make the difference.

Pizzas created with unique products, carefully studied and combined, present in the OIP catalogue. Fresh vegetables, cold cuts, cheeses, that you can purchase from our store to cook at home the pizzas you see in this page.

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We have just purchased a bottle of Aceto Balsamico di Modena (DGV0110). Could you please answer this question: for how long time has this vinegar matured in a cask?
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User: Peter Swanstroem, Denmark ( 26/12/2017)
Category/Topic Aceto Balsamico di Modena I.g.p. 4 Stelle - Don Giovanni Acetaia Leonardi

Today we received our order number: 30231. None of the three packages have expiration date. We are interested when they were manufactured and when they expire. We also want to know how they need to be stored before being opened and after being opened for the first time .
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User: Magdalena Peeva ( 22/08/2017)
Category/Topic Tender green olives in brine

Do You have AGNONI VERDI GIGANTI olives. If so, what sizes do they come in?

Thank You
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User: Joe Aromando ( 07/06/2017)
Category/Topic Green giant olives in brine - Agnoni


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