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The Piedmontese Fassona: a true 100% Italian meat

The Piedmontese Fassona is one of the main Italian cow race. its tender, thin and low fat content meats have great organoleptic properties (as it contains good unsaturated fats omega 3 and omega 6) and a very low cholesterol level. It is very versatile meat as it is adapt to recipes as vitello tonnato, roasted meats, and grilled. Every Piedmontese Fassona must be born and breed in Italy Recipe: Piedmontese Fassona Tagliata Put the tagliata on a barbecue or a very hot hotplate and make it cook 5 minutes each side. The meat has to be well roasted on the outside but rare cooked, cut it into slices 1,5.2 cm thick and season it with sea salt, pepper and a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil accompanied by some grilled fresh vegetables. The ideal wine pairing is a Piedmontese great red wine, we suggest you Dagromis Gaia Barolo.

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Agrirape - Leonforte yellow Peach and Canned Apricot

For their production is used only natural fruit immersed in the sirup only made by water, sugar and lemon juice. The product undergoes a mild pasteurization for few minutes, in order not to loose all its fragrance, aroma and the typical taste of our peaches and apricots. The Leonforte is tardive Peach, with an hard and yellow pulp and an unmistakable bouquet. We're talking about 100% natural and artisanal products where you can feel the taste and consistency of the just picked up fruit. Both these products are great not only pure but also to garnish a dessert.

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Choosing seasonal fruit and vegetables guarantees not only a better taste but safety and genuineness too.

Choosing seasonal fruit and vegetables guarantees not only a better taste but safety and genuineness too. - Apricot is a true panacea for the skin, moreover it is astringent when eaten raw. - Cherries are small round shape fruits, with a sweet taste and multiple colours. The fruit, containing only one wooden brown coloured hard seed, usually is red but it can change form one variety to another, from the bright yellow of the "graffione bianco" and a very dark red of the "durone nero di Vignola". - Strawberry is a fruit characterized by a great perfume and a sweet taste. It is great natural or with some lemon and sugar or to garnish desserts too. Moreover it is low-cal and carries a lot of benefits to the skin and metabolism. - Peach is one of the summer fruits par excellence thanks to its virtues, juiciness and its refreshing capacity.It is made up of 85% of water and citric acid. - Melon: its pulp is juicy, the colour is variable from the orange of the most common ones to the white-yellow or green of the summer varieties.

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Orto Mio:

The Agricultural Company Orto Mio has been cultivated vegetable garden pot plants for generations. The company has been the leader in the professional market of its field, specifically in the production of pot plants. The history of the agricultural company orto Mio began in furl in 1970. Since 40 years it has exclusively been producing vegetable garden pot plants, first only for the professional market and the, in 1990, it started to sell amateurs the plants too. Nowadays Orto Mio produces nearly 150.000.000 pot plants, presenting more than 350 vegetable varieties, all of them destined to the familiar or urban vegetable garden markets. The pot plants, delivered every day in the shops, are mainly distributed to peddlers, garden centers and agricultural shops in all the Central-North Italy. All the Orto Mio plants are cultivated in different areas of Emilia Romagna. The company has a 25Ha plot of land, all covered by last generation greenhouses and dislocated in 10 localities going from the sea to the first hill. It is a big competitive advantage being able to cultivate every plant according to its specific climatic needs. Every seeding, planting and cultivation are personally conduced by our expert and caring personnel, coordinated by a 5 people technical staff, we cultivate with the aim of producing healthy and resistant pot plant. This is to allow everyone to cultivate easily healthy and genuine vegetables as only their own proper vegetable garden can give them.

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Tuna Fishings comes back to Favignana

The Tonnara (little ancient harbor with fascinating fishing buildings in which tunas were processed after the fishing) of Favignana has been inserted in the ministerial decree about the Red Tuna fishing. It will be one of the 6 structures, in Italy, for the so called "Fixed Tonnara" system, the only in Sicily. The others are in Sardinia and Liguria. A fact that Giovanni Tumbiolo, president of the Fishing Production District has defined very significant: << Sicily has give back life to its Tonnara. A moment that should be promoted. Our island, in fact, take back its cultural and anthropological dimension too, which is strongly tied to history and traditions. This will be highlighted ny our administration during the "Blue Sea Land" manifestation. We've already talked about it with the tuna producers, because it is good to explain that tuna in Sicily is not inly simply a product but a true myth. We should work better and more on the promotional system. Highlight what it represents for the Sicilian Sea culture>>.

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Today we received our order number: 30231. None of the three packages have expiration date. We are interested when they were manufactured and when they expire. We also want to know how they need to be stored before being opened and after being opened for the first time .
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User: Magdalena Peeva ( 22/08/2017)
Category/Topic Tender green olives in brine

Do You have AGNONI VERDI GIGANTI olives. If so, what sizes do they come in?

Thank You
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User: Joe Aromando ( 07/06/2017)
Category/Topic Green giant olives in brine - Agnoni

wondering which distributor I can purchase your Campisi sauces in Montreal . Would like to sell them in my store . I have customers asking for them , thank you Anna -Maria
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User: ( 03/03/2017)
Category/Topic Burgundy truffle carpaccio


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