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Sicilian almonds
The almond is a oleaginous fruit that is highly nutritious and beneficial to health and beauty. It contains many B vitamins, which are good for the liver, skin and hair. In addition, it contains potassium, zinc, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and essential oils.
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The best pesto? Pesto Genovese DOP
The highest quality and healthiest pesto is called "Pesto Genovese DOP". It is made only from ingredients with a protected designation of origin, all of which are listed on the label.
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New Italian Decree provides for the creation of an official Made in Italy trademark
Italian politics have been trying for years to get the Italian economy moving again. Now the government has grasped what constitutes the peculiarity of the Italian made products: their extremely high quality.
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Rehearsal for a world record - the longest Sardenaira in the world
Hundreds of residents and tourists who attended in Sanremo the rehearsal for the world record of the longest Sardenaira of the world. Next year, the Guinness record for the longest anchovy pizza in the world will be officially cracked.
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Sea salt with the Slow Food quality mark
The salt flats of the Consorzio Sale Natura are true factories of the wind and the sun. Here the pure salt is obtained from the clear Sicilian sea water. The sea salt by Consorzio Sale Natura compaired to conventional salts contains less sodium and more oligominerals. So you can use less salt but having a salty taste, which promotes health and does not affect the taste of food.
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do these olives have long 'use by' date?
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User: joanne ( 10/09/2014)
Category/Topic OLIVES BELLA CERIGNOLA - Arconatura

Is your parma hams bled at slaughter?
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User: j. macari ( 05/09/2014)
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User: MAX ( 01/08/2014)
Category/Topic “Natural” Mushroomsauce with 15% truffle


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