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OIP smells of Christmas - The Panettoni

A true excellence of the Italian tradition produced by a very expert company in the pastry-making field. The inner dogh is so soft and elastic,intensely yellow coloured. For this panettone Corsini uses only sourdough and selected, high quality ingredients. The dough is left to rise for at least two full days between the kneading operations. This allows the dough to rest and rise naturally.

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Pesto: Pesto for the love of the Italian excellence

In its laboratory in Genova Pexto has developed and brought to the present the historical traditional Ligurian recipes. All the Pesto Genovese variants, all of them made with high quality ingredients. A quality without any compromise: Parmigiano Reggiano cheese aged for 27 months and produced with milk coming from cows that live in mountain, first choice Italian extra virgin olive oil coming from an historical Ligurian olive oil mill, Italian walnuts, pine nuts and garlic carefully selected and finally the inimitable Genoese P.D.O. fresh basil.

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Forno Astori: research and recover of ancient wheat varieties from Biologic Agriculture

All the wheats are cultivated following the biologic method, the grinding for the white flours is made through many passages in rolling mills and for the raw flours through slow rotation natural stone made millstones. At Forno Astori the production is made exclusively adding the flour to the natural yeast, the first dough is made using machines at low speed rotation and then the loafs are worked manually and let rising on wooden boards. After the cooking in wooden oven, the breads are made cool down in osier baskets. Besides a rich assortment of different kinds of soft wheat, raw, white, durum wheat, spelt, rye,gamut and 5 cereals breads, the oven produces breadsticks, biscuits, melba toasts and taralli always using only biologic raw materials.

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Agricultural Company Agrirape: Marmalades and jams naturally tasty

Agrirape jams and marmalades are entirely made with company produced fruit, sugar and lemon juice, without adding any preservative. Leonforte peach extra jam: Very sweet, aromatic and perfumed, the Leonforte peaches a true jewel of the Italian agriculture. White peach jam: it is taken from white peaches belonging to the "settembrino bianco cultivar" "Albabella" apricot jam: it is obtained from the fruits grown in the company orchard without using any chemical insecticide. These are ancient local fruits varieties, re-discovered by Giuseppe Manna and able to produce fruits endowed with exceptional organoleptic properties. Prickly pear extra jam: an outstanding jam with a strong and sweet taste, typical of the cooked prickly pear aroma. Sicilian red oranges jam: realized with "tarocco" and "moro" oranges varieties with a very characteristic taste given by the exclusive use of red oranges. Tangerines extra jam: made exclusively with Sicilian tangerines, it has a very delicate taste. Light orange color, very limpid and lightly liquid because of the low temperature cooking and the absence of added pectine. Lemons extra jam: made using only high quality and very aromatic Sicilian lemons, which are harvested and processed within few days. Like the tangerines jam it is liquid due to the low flame cooking and the absolute naturalness of the product.

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Anchovies and Sardines by Agostino Recca

It is the history of a company that has been producing anchovies and salted sardines. The company is placed in Sciacca in the industrial area of Santa Maria with a 3000 square meters plant. The 15 employers work every day to transform the clue fish. The fish is processed the same day it is fished, guaranteeing a product with unique characteristics and red coloured. The fish is rigorously coming from the Italian sea, the anchovies species are "engranulis" and "engranulis encrasicolus", normally fish in the open sea near Sciacca.

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Today we received our order number: 30231. None of the three packages have expiration date. We are interested when they were manufactured and when they expire. We also want to know how they need to be stored before being opened and after being opened for the first time .
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User: Magdalena Peeva ( 22/08/2017)
Category/Topic Tender green olives in brine

Do You have AGNONI VERDI GIGANTI olives. If so, what sizes do they come in?

Thank You
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User: Joe Aromando ( 07/06/2017)
Category/Topic Green giant olives in brine - Agnoni

wondering which distributor I can purchase your Campisi sauces in Montreal . Would like to sell them in my store . I have customers asking for them , thank you Anna -Maria
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User: ( 03/03/2017)
Category/Topic Burgundy truffle carpaccio


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