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Agricultural Company Pizzavacca: The Authentic in oil Giardiniera

The Cascina Pizzavacca is placed in Villanova sull'Arda, a little village funded by the romans in the province of Piacenza that rises among the country green landscape rich in orchards and surrounded by woods alongside the Po river. The agricultural company Cascina Pizzavacca, funded by the Pisaroni family, carries on the familiar traditions that give value to the typical products of these lands. Since 2006, when it started also with some difficults, the process of innovation and the introduction of the cultivated fruit processing in the company. La Cascina Pizzavacca is still nowadays the unique seal of simplicity and genuineness of the agricultural tradition typical gestures. Vegetable sauces, jams, and fruit nectars are produced in the company transformation laboratory starting from the raw materials cultivated in the fields. The Pisaroni high quality products, confirmed by the constant organoleptic tests, has the recipe of its success in the absolutely artisanal transformation which follows in every detail the Piacenza ancient recipes. Still nowadays, as it was in the past, Bruno Pisaroni's (chef of Cascina Pizzavacca) recipes totally excludes the use of preservatives, colourants and any other additives, in order to offer absolutely natural tastes and aromas. The most typical product is the authentic Giardiniera, a coloured composition of mixed vegetables: peperoni, green beans, cabbage, onion, celery, carrot. Its consistency is unique, given by the sweet cooking during the preparation, when you taste it you can perceive its crunchiness and its strong structure.

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Cuordisale - Salinagrande "Ingredients: Sun, Sea, Wind and... Heart."

"Cuordisale Salinagrande" is born from a selction of the finest salt in "Salinagrande" saltwork, it is hand-picked using the original extraction method "a spalla" (lit "by shoulder"). It is picked up and saved from the athmospheric agents during the same day. "Cuoredisale Salinagrande" remains always uncontamined and so it represents the best among the best! The salt-making masters, the so-called "curatoli",hace been handing down the ancient knowledge of "salt making" through the centuries. A True raw salt, obvoiusly pure, without the need of further processing, "Cuor di Sale" maintains the natural balance of oligoelements essentials for a right diet. It doesn't contain only sodium chloride but also a mix of minerals that our body needs. The raw sea salt is considered an adjuvant of the normal diet by the Biological Medicine. For example the "living" magnesium and potassium contained in the raw sea salt, are far more precious than a lot of inorganic salts sold in the pharmacies.In addittion to the sodium and chlorine, in this sea salt there are some mineral "impurities" (sulphates, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and trace mineral like strontium, manganese, iodine, zinc, fluoride, silver, boron, silicon, copper and so on) which are all very precious for our health.

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Acqualagna Truffle "Fine White and Black Truffles"

Truffles are picked up in the heart Pesaro Urbino province, in the city of Acqualagna, a holy temple of truffle. The climatic and enviromenatal chracteristics make Acqualagna one of the few zones in which truffles can be picked up and commercialized all year long, guaranteeing wide possibilities of choiche among all the main varieties of this famous earth product: from the white truffle, the most tipical among the locals, to the bianchetto; from the black fine truffle to the summery one.

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Balsamic vinegar by Giusti - a piece of art made from tradition

The company Giusti produces a high-quality balsamic vinegar and relies on the "golden rules" that Giuseppe Giusti has set up to produce a vinegar which can convince the vinegar lovers and connoisseurs around the world.

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Caponi tagliatelle with bluefin tuna bottarga

Ingredients for 2 people: - 125 g egg Tagliatelle "Caponi" - Organic extra virgin olive oil "Adamo" - Bluefin tuna bottarga "La Bottarga di Tonno Group"

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Can I find this italian Peperoncino pepper?
Its a small spicey pepper
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User: wes ( 17/01/2017)
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Buongiorno, vorrei ordinare il Panforte di Sapori Siena Fondente Extra 70% Gr.300. Quanti ne avete a disponibilità?
Ringraziando di un vs riscontro
porgo i cordiali saluti,
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User: Rumy Lee ( 28/11/2016)
Category/Topic 70% Extra dark chocolate Panforte - Sapori Siena

Can you confirm that your liquorice pieces are irregular.
I ask because one of your competitors sent me cushion shapes when I specificajjy ordered irregular, even though they stated that sold irregular!

Brian Redford

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User: ( 09/05/2016)
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