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La bottarga di Tonno Group: Red tuna has highest quality because it is fished with a fishing rod
The red tuna in the Mediterranean is fished on the coast of Trapani from May to April, because the tuna migrates at this time past the coast.
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I Peccati di Ciacco " Old gastronomic specialties"
Our passion for old culinary traditions has led us in our endeavor to have revalued gastronomic specialties of our territory and eventually produced this fine products.
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Buffalo mozzarella is a fresh, genuine and distinctive product - Caseificio Esposito
The whole buffalo milk, which processes the Caseificio Esposito, comes from selected buffalo farms of the Sele plain. The processing of buffalo milk begins in transporting the freshly milked milk and then follow an instant analysis of the milk. The rich and unique taste of buffalo milk and the high nutritional value make the buffalo mozzarella a king of the Mediterranean diet. The mozzarella is in all its variants (Treccia, Bocconcini, Nodini ...) a healthy, traditional and artisanal food. The buffalo mozzarella is the pride of the gastronomic tradition of the Campania region in the world.
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Organic farm "Bio Colombini" - Our specialty is the production of organic vegetables
Producing organic products, doesn't only mean that we don't use pesticides and toxic compounds, but it also means that we give agriculture a whole new life.
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La Bottarga di Tonno Group: Artisan made high quality tuna products
Founded in 2008, The Bottarga di Tonno Srl, which has headquarters in the town of Custonaci, a small town in the province of Trapani, is characterized by new factories, warehouses, modern cold storage, production facilities and packaging lines leadership; produces/processes and sells products made with traditional techniques: precious roe and a wide range of products, tuna, other fish products in glass jars and tin cans.
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How many bars come in a box and what is the price? Thanks
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User: Joanne ( 20/05/2015)
Category/Topic Extra dark chocolate Toscano Black 70%

How much is for a kilo. If i buy 20kg
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User: ( 09/02/2015)
Category/Topic Peeled Sicilian Almonds from Castelluzzo

can we order frutta martorana and can you deliver to usa california
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User: gino ( 23/01/2015)
Category/Topic Frutta di Martorana marzipan fruit


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