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Frutta Martorana (marzipan fruits)
Frutta Matorana (marzipan fruits) are typical Sicilian sweets which are made of marzipan. The marzipan fruits are hand-made and painted by hand with natural colors. The marzipan is made of almonds and sugar. The confectioners turn to tricks of their art to make the fruits as realistic as possible. The result is real masterpieces that look exactly like the masterpieces formed nature.
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Adamo "Artisan products of the highest quality"
The culinary products from Adamo are inspired by the Sicilian tradition, especially from the tradition around Trapani. These authentic products are produced by hand with no preservatives and no artificial coloring and only seasoned with extra-virgin olive oil. The ingredients for the products of the organic farm Adamo are selected with the utmost care before processing.
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Sicilian oregano - Az. Agr. Balducco Fulgatore
The oregano grows spontaneously in Sicily. The oregano is collected as long as it blossoms. Then it is dried in the shade in well-ventilated areas. Naturally dried oregano is very fragrant. It is an ingredient of many Mediterranean dishes, such as the famous Pizza Rianata. Excellent with salads of various kinds or marinades for grilled meats and steak.
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Azienda Agricola Melia: Italian, organic honey
The Azienda Agricola Melia is located in Alcami in the province of Trapani. It was born from the passion for beekeeping, the respect for the bees and the homeland. In this pristine area, the hives are kept far away from toxic substances. The bees collect the honey from meadows and flowers of certain trees in order to guarantee an optimum quality of honey and their derivates. Also during the spin cycle and bottling special care is taken to offer a pure product.
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Fresh bluefin tuna fillet - A pearl of Sicily
The bluefin tuna from the Mediterranean sea is by far the best tuna because it is fished in the open sea on the coasts of Sicily with fishing rods. The tuna is of medium to large size. The tuna is vacuum packed by us on the day of shipment and shipped in Styrofoam boxes with dry ice. Delivery in 48-72 hours from dispatch.
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I am interested in buying your Bluefin tuna in olive oil.Is it possible to import to Japan?
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User: Atsushi Horiuchi ( 01/09/2015)
Category/Topic Bluefin tuna in olive oil, 300 g can - Mare Puro

We are a butcher shop located in Sydney NSW Australia and would like to purchase Finocchietto selvatico are you able to tell me if you are able to ship it to us or where in Sydney we are able to buy it from.
Kind Regards
Josephine Papandrea
Joe Papandrea Wholesale Quality Meats p/l
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User: ( 19/08/2015)
Category/Topic Wild fennel (seeds) Campisi

How many bars come in a box and what is the price? Thanks
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User: Joanne ( 20/05/2015)
Category/Topic Extra dark chocolate Toscano Black 70%


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