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Vinegar Bonanno
The Acetificio Bonanno , leader in its field, supply high quality vinegar, extracted from wines obtained with grapes matured under the sun of Sicily. Thanks to its experience it can provide a large selection of products, from the balsamic vinegar to the vinegars aged in barriques, all of them are carefully controlled during the production, to guarantee products at the same level of your recipes. Obtained by an accurate selection of fine wines, the vineyard is made aging for one year at least in the traditional small barrels (the barriques), rigorously made up of oak wood, there it acquires, with the passing of time, that characteristic tasting structure, endowed with slightly spiced shades.
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The Modica Chocolate "Spinnagghi"
The Modicana Spinnagghi chocolate has a sweet and persistent taste and gives extraordinary sensations. Its taste is soft, the essences are authentic and intense. The Spinnagghi Chocolate is an artisanal product that uses only genuine and high quality ingredients. The Modica Chocolate Spinnaghi is hand-worked with traditional and original ingredients, granulated and full of intense flavors coming from the crushed cacao beans. The cacao is worked at a 40 degree temperature with the addition of some sugar that doesn't melt following the traditional Modica chocolate recipe obtaining a granulose and rough paste. The Modica Chocolate Bar has a non uniform brown colour, and you can easily recognize the intense aroma of the toasted cacao. It is traditionally seasoned with cinnamon, vanilla, mint, citrus, coffee, chilli pepper and many other tastes.
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Agostino Recca: Artisanal working processes of fish in Sicily
The Recca family has been linked to the artisanal working processes of fish for 4 generations. This mention is not only a reason of pride that guarantees the reliability and quality of the products, but it is also necessary to understand Agostino Recca's love for the tradition that has remained unaltered for almost a century. This value has been conserved through the passing of decades even though accompanied by a constant growth of the production volumes and the demanding customers. The unmodified artisanal methods followed by the company have revealed to be a winning ideal with the passing of time: this is witnessed by the higher and higher appreciation for Agostino Recca's product by the national and international markets. The company that in the 30s was born as a familiar one, nowadays is one of the most solid realities in the Fish Conserves in Italy. This goal is not only due to the high quality of the very selected fishing; which comes from Mediterranean Sea only, but also to the respect of the working processes that still nowadays follow the ancient methods which assure the finest quality and freshness of the final products.
Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes, BBC. from Agostino Recca Conserve Alimenta on Vimeo.

Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes, BBC. from Agostino Recca Conserve Alimenta on Vimeo.

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Azienda Agricola Melia Angelo: Olives and passion for bees
The honey making artisanal company Melia Angelo was born in Alcamo in 2014 that, besides producing broke olives and wines, has found its passion in breeding bees. This passion has never faded, it has only been strengthened by the continuous challenges that this fascinating world conveys. Our Sicilian land ,precisely in Alcamo, which is a sunny and windy area so this make this area pure in its nature and still uncontaminated as all the own products. Our serious work starts in the fields, in fact the bee yards are installed in gazing lands personally cultivated and treated naturally without any pesticides or chemical products in order not to pollute the environment and as a consequence the bees and their products. We pay our best attention during every making phase in laboratory: from the honey extraction to the packing; while the biologists certify the pureness.
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The Avola Almond "Incomparable quality protected by the Consortium"
The Avola almond is unique in the whole world, incomparable for its shape and organoleptic properties. The territory makes it really special, there the clime is warm, thanks to its vicinity to the sea and the presence of the Iblei Mounts which stop the frozen winds from the northwest and the north. The almonds are a food rich in proteins and magnesium, easily digestible and very energetic. They are particularly recommended when your body needs energy. The "Pizzuta" is the hard and smooth shell, with small holes. The seed has flat shape: this almond is the symbol of the highest quality haute patisserie. The "Fascionello" compete with the "Pizzuta" the primate in the application to the pastry-making due to its delicate fragrance. The last one is the "Romana" also called "Corrente d'Avola", it is easily recognizable thanks to its triangular shape. The safeguard and improvement consortium of the Almond was born in 2000 after an initiative organized by the producers, merchants, and pastry-making companies that use the Avola Almond.
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hi I would like to buy 15 kg of miele, quanti prezzi?, quali e el prezzi, grazie signora
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Non è possible di ordinare 6 colombe. Comè è possibile?
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